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#14242764 Nov 05, 2019 at 09:59 PM
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One reason I left was because Zurv had been selling raid drops to fund his construction of the legendary mace and not sharing the proceeds with the guild.

Zurv has openly admitted in chat that he's spent 3000 or more gold creating bars.

When asked if the guild would support the enchants that were "required" to be invited to raids. He openly said no, and eventually kicked the person who continued to push the topic.

Using the images below, and along with experiences and conversations observed and relayed to me, lead me to certain questions:

1. What happened to all the greens and blues? (notice no enchanting mats, greens, blues or gold in the guild bank he linked in his post)

2. When the ingot dropped why did he react the way he did? He already had them, again how?

There are many stories out there, and I for one cannot tell you which ones to agree with or not, that's not my place. Though I hope this information will allow you to ask your own questions and make your decisions.
#14242774 Nov 05, 2019 at 10:55 PM · Edited 9 months ago
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We've always tried to sell stuff. That was never something hidden. Officers always knew when I tried to sell stuff (and failed.)

Last weekend, some cores where put on the AH FROM the cpbank alt (there was nothing to hid) because the cost seemed high.. sadly nothing sold.
What are they useful for? kinda nothing other than for rag tanking.. maybe. But if you are in MC you have access to the cores. That is why they don't sell. The other offices knew this was being done too. (feel free to ask Efren)
Again, nothing hidden.. I clearly said it to you, Sacredshield, who i don't even normally talk to. Why were you talking to me? Because you wanted cores from the bank. Like 14 of them. (ie, Mats for a guildy)
again, if it was selling them in the past I would have known they are worthless and not have even tried again (or said anything.)

I did spend a ton on the 6 Ingot... between 250g-350g each. (i might have said 3000g to try to guilt people into trying to help with the bars.) It was painful and i did it slowly over two+ months of being 60 with 35 days played. The goal was to try to get 1 a week - which didn't work out and it took much longer.
It was a crazy grind of 5 mans or hours and hour. People can make 10-20g a run.
That math is pretty simple and works out.
It was a super bummer to have one drop after i worked my ass off to get them.

For the few blues/greens from an MC raid (and it really is just a few that drop in a run), if people wanted them, they got them. If not, yes i did just vendor it. So, i guess true, i would get a few gold after a run.
The only BOEs that matters are the epic ones. Which we really didn't start putting in the bank till recently. They are still there. (the warrior belt would likely sell for a lot - maybe mordots bracers would have sold well too.)
Also, the FAQ on the loot rules says the blue/greens will be vendored.

Elev was not kicked for asking for the guild to pay for his enchants. It was his attitude. As a raiding guild, people are expected to do some basic things. One of them is to come enchanted. He was super bitchy about it. I explained that not only is it expected and in the rules - it didn't have to be hardcore, just something. Also, because we are super heavy on healing any more dps would be very helpful. That is when he started demanding the guild bank paid for it... also, at this point, i really didn't read what he was saying. I honestly didn't care... (i didn't see about the selling stuff thing).
I PM'd him that if he was unhappy (IM's are a different tab) he is welcome to leave.
When i got back to the guild chat elev was going on about something along the lines of "If you want to say something to me, say it in guild chat" emo style
That is the reason he was kicked... also, conflict is never good... and why i PM'm in. I didn't kick him at first, but asked him to leave.. but he was ranting at that point. Then i kicked him.
It makes a little more sense now why he kept saying answer my question - but i missed the selling stuff part.

But here is something to thing about. What riches would i have been able to sell? We have tons of cores still.. we also used a bunch of them for noob, Efren and, the other day, you.

It would have been great to have things to we could sell - that said, i'm not sure what we'd end of spend it on, but it would be a nice problem to have. Maybe a pot for gold repairs if BWL is hard? Don't know as nothing sold.

A ton of mats were given to people making their epic chests. Which was said in many a raid, "we have the mats for the tailoring chest, ask you'll get it"
Ess of fire still sells for a lot - they are still in the bank too. (maybe the core leather, but i never looked at the price - i think they might be useful when more patterns come out.)

Nothing sneaky here. It was never hidden that I've tried to sell stuff in the past and it failed. If you want to be pissed that i vendor the 3-4 crap greens/blue that drop in a run- fine be pissed at that. For the hammer - i worked my ass off from those mats and still have TONs more to still get (over 40 bars)

I wish you and the people that left all the best. If you feel wronged is someway. Well, i'm sorry that you do - but you left so don't stress about this anymore. You could have also asked about this before too.
#14242799 Nov 05, 2019 at 11:26 PM
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Curious what the intent of this post is Sacred. Can you elaborate on how many guild mats (cores) you took with you 2 days before you knew you were leaving the guild?
#14243081 Nov 06, 2019 at 07:10 AM
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Sacred used those mats for exactly what he said crafting fire resist gear. And Zurv I’ve brought up those bracers ZERO times since then. Got over as fast as it happened. I haven’t cared since that night. There should be WAY more than 6 gold in g bank if you’ve gendered greens and blues. You used it to craft your legendary and that’s why people are upset.
#14243090 Nov 06, 2019 at 07:31 AM
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#14243081 Moardots wrote:

Sacred used those mats for exactly what he said crafting fire resist gear.

That wasn't the question though, the question was "How many guild mats did you take 2 days before you knew you were leaving the guild"

The problem is Sacred is accusing Zurv of stealing from the guild when if he knew he was leaving the guild and he took those mats anyways, he's doing exactly what he's accusing Zurv of doing.

Now personally, i don't care either way. Everyone is farming MC. Pugs are farming MC. None of those mats are going to sell for shit cause no one needs FR. I just want to play the damn game.
#14243098 Nov 06, 2019 at 07:45 AM · Edited 9 months ago
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This is the last thing I’m gonna say.
It’s over. I’m not gonna talkl about it any longer. There was loads of great people in the guild that I will miss chatting with. I’m not gonna spread bad things about the guild or even Zurv. What’s done is done and personally nothing will change thst. We can throw mud at each other and that will accomplish nothing more but making it worse.
So with that said good luck to every body and I’m out of this conversation on ALL fronts.
#14243109 Nov 06, 2019 at 08:13 AM
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Couldn't agree more, Moar. There are a lot of good people in this guild and some of us won't get along at some point but the people that do get along are worth sticking around for. I hope you guys do well and best of luck.
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