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Here has been the plan for the Ony head.
We still have problems with Rag and to make that fight easier the goal is to kill him in phase one. The Ony buff (which is allied to everyone in SW when the head is turned in) really helps with it.
The plan is to give the head out to people we knew wouldn’t turn in the head till Raid time. That has been Tanks/Officers. It isn’t about the turn in, but the buff.

How much longer till others can get it?
Maybe another week (1-3 runs?) As people gear up/learn the Rag it will be easier. Also, as layering is being cut back it might be hard to even get the buff. If we can’t turn in the head for the buff, then holding it for Raid day is pointless.

When it is open for free rolls who can roll on it?
First, remember this is a 100% drop and almost 2 times a week. (Maybe 4 if we break into two groups.) There has been a lot of discussion about if we should limit which groups get the head, if we did prioritize classes is that a limited time thing.
In the short term physical dps will get the neck (the hit is a big deal.)
It will then be opened up for the casters.

The rules are here so you know in advance of what to expect.

To quote from the loot Rule / Raid rules:
First, let’s talk about the reality of the game. It is easier than was expected and more loot (at least for MC, Ony content) dropped than in the past. (25-30+ items a run.)
All content has been cleared - and cleared with green/blues/PUGs
This, at least the phase we are in now, is not hardcore, progression, etc – and loot rules will be informed by this fact. (ie, we will not be using min/max rules, this-is-better-for-X-class-over-Y-class, etc.)

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