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This are outdated. We are following the rules posted in discord to help clear confusion.

(Rules are subject to change - so please check back time to time.)

** First off. This isn't LRF. We expect people to make a best effort to be pre-raid BIS**

First, let’s talk about the reality of the game. It is easier than was expected and more loot (at least for MC, Ony content) dropped than in the past. (25-30+ items a run.)
All content has been cleared - and cleared with green/blues/PUGs
This, at least the phase we are in now, is not hardcore, progression, etc – and loot rules will be informed by this fact. (ie, we will not be using min/max rules, this-is-better-for-X-class-over-Y-class, etc.)

We expected to be using DKP for this this phase of content, but we will not be – as it was “easy” and a lot more loot dropped than expected. (When BWL is released we will revisit DKP discussion again. There will never be loot council.)

As it stands now we will be using the same-ish system we have been for the PUGs.
General Loot rules:
• Free roll for the approved raid spec you are in the raid. (You will not be able switch between which spec you roll on without approval. Ie, holy/shadow, dps/tank, etc. Even if you, in the raid/fight to fight, change what you are playing.
• Limit of one win per person. (Unless everyone in a grouping won something already – then the “win one item” starts again for that group. This is mainly about tier items.)
• If no one rolls for an item it will be opened up to free roll. (With a limit of 1 free roll item per person. Unless no one wants it or, like with the rule above, everyone in the grouping also won something.)
• Some tier items aren’t good for all specs of that class. Tier is limited to your raid spec (unless unwanted and then free roll) Warrior = tank, Paladin = (t1 holy) (t2 ret/holy) (t2.5 ret) (t3 Holy), druid = healing, Priest = Holy (SP can roll on spell damage gear.)
• Some items will be deemed as “trash items” and will be open up for a free roll. Please just don’t roll on it to have purple. Some people will use these items. Please don’t roll on them if you know you’ll never use it. Limit of one "trash item" per person. (Unless no one wants it, then someone that won before can roll again.)
• Crafting Items will go to the guild bank. When making items that you’ll use during the raid, please feel free to ask if we have mat to help.
• Crafting Patterns collected will be given to guild members to help the guild. It is expect that the people that get these patterns to craft/enchant will do it for other people in the guild at no charge. (Do not accept a tip from a guildie from these items.)
• No minor weapon upgrades - (This rule will be lifted as people gear up.) What does this mean? If you won an item from a cookeparty raid, you can't roll on another of that weapon. (unless no one else wants it or no one else qualifies to roll on it) If you won an main hand, that is your main hand. If you won a staff, you can't roll on an off hand or a main hand. That said, if you are a caster and won a offhand, you can still roll on a staff. (the offhand from this raid content isn't great.) Remember, this is a limited time thing. You will get your sexy in time. Trash-item free rolls don't count.
Items that fit into no minor weapon upgrades. Rogue/Warrior main hand, Rogue/warrior offhand. Caster main hand. (that aren't really any great offhand from raids for casters.) Caster main hand. Warrior/Paladin 2 hander.
Till the rule is lifted (or everyone won/doesn't want it) you are locked into these weapons.
warrior wins an offhand dagger. That warrior is locked to dual weapons and can't roll on another offhand. (unless one drops and no one else wants it.)
Caster wins an offhand. That doesn't lock you to anything. the offhand in this raid content isn't great. That said, if the caster already won a staff, from the raid, they can't roll on offhands unless no one else wants it or it is a trash item.
Caster wins a main hand. That is their weapon and can not roll on a staff. (unless no one else wants it.)
Warrior wins a 2 handed weapon. That is that warrior's weapon, they can not roll on a mainhand/offhand weapon.
If everyone passes on a weapon and it is an upgrade for you, you cannot roll if it becomes a free roll. If you wanted it, you should have rolled for it.
• If everyone passes on a BOE it will go to the guild bank.
• If you are new to the cookieparty raid, you must run MC 3 times with cookieparty before you are allowed to roll on weapons. (Please be mindful when rolling if you are new. There is some sexy gear that people have been waiting for. The rules won't limit you on items other than weapons, but maybe hold off rolling for non-tier stuff. :) )

** Do not item/gear shame people **
If some class gets an item that is super and painfully wrong for that class. Do not shame or yell at the person. (Also don’t get all emo and gquit.) What is done is done and we’ll make note for next time and not have it happen again. Remember, loot is dropping like crazy and we are far off from Phase 3 (BWL)
Class spec/limited items:
Some items just don’t fit and just aren’t “good” for a class or are so much better for another class.
Hunters – In MC, if they have the Black Sinew (blue doesn’t matter) they have priority for the Leaf. In Ony, if they have the Leaf they get priority on the Black Sinew.
Robes of volatile power – not for holy Priest
Perdition’s Blade – Rogue first and only if no rogue wants is it open to warriors.
Striker’s Mark – This is better rogue or a warrior. But if no one wants it a hunter can roll on it too.

“But this item is so much better for my class than that other class. I should get it.”
As it stands now, we aren’t going to limit items like this. The threshold we are targeting is if it is “good” for class rolling. That said, “I’m in greens and everything is an upgrade” doesn’t make an item good. People shouldn’t be rolling on item that can be replaced easily by a quest/blue item.
“Onyxia’s head only good turn in is the neck. So it is only for people that need physical hit?”
It is true that the neck is the best of the turn in for the head. But the ring is also “good.” But note to casters. You can find better and it really helps physical dps. Please think about passing. But it is up to the caster. Do keep in mind that the head is 100% drop and almost 2 times a week.

“I come all the time. Do amazing healing/dps. I’m fully enchanted, use consumables. I hand out stuff to others in the team. Can I get priority on loot?”
No. But thanks for being so amazing. 

“The guild has so many 60s. What happens when the Raid fills up?”
The goal is to give everyone a chance to raid that wants to. There are only 40 slots (and raid comp matters too) – the plan is to cycle people each week so at least a few times a month everyone is getting in a raid. We also plan the raids at the start of a lockout so, if got cycled out, there is a lot of time to find a PUG for that period. At some point too we’d like to run two Onyxia runs per-lock out. That will keep the groups smaller (more chances to win) and allow more people to come.

Can warriors roll on leather/mail? Pallies on leather/mail/cloth? Druids on cloth?
Yes, ignore what the item is made of. They can roll. Also remember that the warrior set it for tanking and the pally one sucks. People would hopefully use some judgement and not take something that they will quickly replace, but might be good for someone else. That said, they can still roll and make a poor choice.

Can dps warriors roll on tier? Can shadow priest roll on tier? Can ret pally roll on tier? Can Kitty roll on tier?
Tier items are built for a job. Like the warrior’s set is for tanking. Only after the tanks pass can a DPS warriors roll on it. Tank > official off-tanks > other warriors. (If you sometimes are asked to put on a shield, that doesn’t make you an official off-tank.)
Shadow Priest can only roll on tier items that are spell damage/healing. They cannot (unless others pass/free roll) roll on the healing only items.
Ret pally cannot roll on tier gear as it is for healing unless others pass/free roll.
Feral druids cannot roll on tier gear as it is for healing unless others pass/free roll.

Can a tank roll on dps gear as part of their threat set?
We do give priority to gearing the tanks. It makes the content easier for us all. That said there is a line between need to have and would like to have. Unless clearly needed as a tank item, tanks would have to roll with the dps for the dps gear. (Note, If the tank can’t hit or hold agro that is a problem for us all.) At this stage we will trust in the tanks not to abuse them calling out priority.

But it is an upgrade for me...
Remember, you should be coming to MC with your best effort pre-raid BIS. The rules aren't going to change because you've been unlucky with rolls or didn't put the time in to know/get your pre-raid BIS-ish gear.

X person is super lucky with rolls and always win each week. That isn’t fair, I never get anything.
Remember, the same people are coming week to week. At some point it will be your turn. It is a long time till BWL. Please don’t shame others over loot. The RNG god will smile on you at some point. 

What does the guild do with Mats/Patterns that drop in the Raid.
Sadly, most of the mats that drop in MC are to craft Fire Resist gear. In the past tanks and melee would gear up with this. They were wrong to do so. We do use some of the mats to make some tank gear for Rag, but other than that the fire/lava cores a pretty worthless.
What we would have liked to do was sell stuff that we didn't need to get a gold stash for the guild to use. Maybe pots, maybe help with repair bill for harder content (bwl? aq40?) - but the mats are pretty worthless. We will try, time to time, when the price is high to maybe sell some cores. But high prices just mean someone is trying to jack the price up, but doesn't mean anyone is buy it.
Patterns will be given out to people with that skill that we think still stick around.
Green/blue BOE will be vendored. If you see a blue/green drop that you might want, it is up to you to msg the loot master and ask for it. (it will be free.)

Thunderfury/Hand of rag
The MTs get the Thunderfury first. Then it is open rolls for binding. We will try prioritize making a set. The GM and bad ret pally will get the first Hand of Rag. After the first Hand we would prioritize someone with Sulfuron hammer for the eye. The billion mats for crafting the hammer? Good question, we’ll work something out when it issue comes up. (ie, after the first Sulfuron Hammer is made.)

Note, nothing is set in stone. We can tweak and chance these rules. Remember, the game (at this stage) isn’t hard and already cleared. The goal is give everyone to chance to get the items they want.

update: 10/29
new radiers need to come 3 times (to mc) before they can roll on weapons.

update: 10/24
More added about weapon upgrades RE: free roll
BOE will go to guild bank if everyone passes on it.

updated: 10/16
changes - more info about weapon upgrade limits. and FAQ question, "it is an upgrade for me"
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This are outdated. We are following the rules posted in discord to help clear confusion.
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